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Zoop is home to actors, athletes, reality TV stars, gamers, designers, singers, dancers, musicians, influencers, artists, models, stylists, brands, sports, TV shows, and more!

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Two tickets to the Con of Thrones with Miltos Yerolemou

Weekend in Miami for Karate Combat KC40 including flights, event tickets, hotel, dinner

Exclusive interior design session with Amanza Smith

A personal chat with pro-wrestling singing diva Ariane Andrew

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A whole day of online gameplay with WarsZ


Get a chance to win Rewards and get access to online and offline experiences through engagement, challenges, or by collecting Cards! 


Dive into our super inclusive party of celebrities & creators. Discover Clubs with your favorite sports, series, shows, brands, and more. Subscribe to Clubs and unlock exclusive content available only on Zoop! 

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Get a chance to win Rewards and get access to online and offline experiences through engagement, challenges, or by collecting Cards! Come back for more! 

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With technology, celebrities & creators can now interact globally with fans on Zoop creating meaningful & personalised connections in their respective languages.

With the integration of Ready Player Me and Zoop you can play as your favorite Creators in over 4000 games and apps, launching you on a journey of EPIC proportions.

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