We’re here to make fan-based interactions way more fun and way more human.

Zoop provides an innovative way for fans to create valuable connections through exclusive Clubs and digital trading Cards.

Zoop celebrates fandoms by rewarding fans with unforgettable experiences.

Our story

Zoop was founded by a powerful duo of unicorn-building entrepreneurs, Tim Stokely and RJ Phillips. They came together with a robust team of developers, designers, and executives to create a new and fun way for celebrities & creators to connect with their fans.

Experts in creator-fan interactions, Tim and RJ wanted to provide a social platform where fans could build strong Clubs based on genuine connections and win real-life experiences as well as buy, sell, and trade valuable digital collectibles creating tangible bonds with their favorite celebrities & creators.

The Zoop team envisions a more exclusive and real experience for fans to connect to their favorite celebrities & creators, fueled by modern technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way fans connect with their favorite celebrities & creators through community building, genuine connections and the exhilarating world of digital collectibles.

RJ and Tim 3d avatars

Our Values

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Community Building

Empowering celebrities & creators to build and grow strong and cohesive communities where engagement and participation are encouraged.

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Faithful Interactions

Building trust by partnering with Hedera. A company using renowned performance and sustainability practices.   

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Continuously pushing boundaries and seeking new and creative ways to enhance the user experience.

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Encouraging celebrities & creators to provide genuine content true to their personality, values, and spirit. 

Why collect with Zoop?


Zoop is the only platform that fosters genuine connections between fans and creators by building authentic communities through exclusive content, real-life experiences and digital trading Cards. 


Zoop uses the latest web3 technology and our unique 3D artwork to bring our celebrity & creator's avatars to life through limited edition digital trading Cards, giving fans a chance to have a sense of ownership in the celebrity ecosystem. 


Whether you’re building a collection or trading to get access and unlock rewards to celebrate your fandom, the limited edition Cards are yours to keep, sell, or trade on the secondary market. 


Zoop is built on Hedera, the leading enterprise-grade public ledger for secure transactions. Hedera is renowned for its performance and sustainability practices.
Through the Hedera network, you can buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles with exceptional speed, traceability, and transparency.

“Imagine being able to have an ongoing connection with your favorite celebrity [and creator]. It’s not a paid message, one and done. It’s not like passing by them down a hallway in the metaverse either. It’s more like the digital celebrity collectibles trading platform, and this is in what [is known] as Zoop, which has secured $15 million in grants and investments”.

“Fans can buy, sell and trade cards, and compete in competitions and challenges to gain points, unlocking special rewards such as access to like-minded communities. Zoop’s inclusive ecosystem is creating value for digital trading cards by enabling a fully transparent leaderboard”.

“NBA All-Star Baron Davis [partnered] with Hedera-based digital celebrity collectibles exchange Zoop for the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City. The star player will be immortalized as a digital trading card, which fans can buy and sell [in the pursuit to win unique rewards curated by the all-star himself]”.

Baron Davies Avatar