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The Queen of All Trades Taking Zoop by Storm: Meet Ariane Andrew

Nov 9, 2023

Get ready to dive into the multifaceted world of Ariane Andrew, known as the "Queen of All Trades." From her dynamic wrestling career to her award-winning filmmaking, she's made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Now, Ariane is all set to launch her exclusive Club on Zoop, your ticket to an insider's view of her journey. Discover what's in store for fans and enthusiasts as this versatile talent breaks new boundaries and takes center stage on Zoop!

The Queen of All Trades Taking Zoop by Storm: Meet Ariane Andrew

Ariane Andrew, often hailed as the "Queen of All Trades," has a list of accomplishments that speak volumes about her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. Best known as a former Total Divas star and WWE Superstar under the ring name "Cameron," Ariane has continually pushed the boundaries of her career, and she's now gearing up for an exciting new endeavor on Zoop. Time to get to know the singing wrestling entrepreneur a little better! Here are three of the many exciting facts about Ariane: 

She Has A Trailblazing Wrestling Career

Ariane's journey in the world of professional wrestling was nothing short of remarkable. She captured the hearts of fans worldwide during her time in WWE, where she performed as the fearless and charismatic "Cameron." Her stint in WWE and her participation in the reality TV series "Total Divas" catapulted her into the spotlight.

WWE - "Cameron", Ariane Andrew

She Makes History with Pound Town Wrestling

But Ariane Andrew is not one to rest on her laurels. On October 12th, 2023, she made history by creating the first luxury independent wrestling promotion, "Pound Town Wrestling." This groundbreaking venture promises to bring a fresh perspective to the world of wrestling, showcasing her commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries.

Pound Town Wrestling crew

She Is an Award-Winning Filmmaker

Ariane is not just a wrestling trailblazer; she's also an award-winning filmmaker. Her short film, "Jaded Pictures," stands as a testament to her creative prowess and storytelling abilities, earning recognition and acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the Filming of 'Jaded Pictures

The Next Chapter: Zoop Club

Ariane Andrew has always had a great relationship with her fans, who she calls the DoubleA Army. Now, Ariane is set to take her connection with fans to the next level. She's launching an exclusive Club on Zoop. By joining her Zoop Club, you'll get an opportunity to dive deeper into her world. It's a chance to engage with her on a personal level, gain access to exclusive content and incredible rewards, and be a part of her journey as she continues to break boundaries and reach for the stars.

With a rich background in wrestling, filmmaking, and a passion for connecting with her fans, Ariane Andrew's Zoop Club promises to be an exciting platform for all those who admire her work and want to be part of her future successes.

Stay tuned and get ready to be a part of a thriving DoubleA Army that celebrates the accomplishments of a true multifaceted talent, the Queen of All Trades, Ariane Andrew. 

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