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Zoop teams with to translate celebrity talk into new languages for fans worldwide

Apr 27, 2023

Zoop has partnered with AI startup to break down language barriers to provide meaningful and personalized connections for fans worldwide. 

Zoop said the partnership will help it on its mission to remove existing barriers and elevate fan and celebrity relationships. It will use’s technology and safe framework on Zoop to enable fans worldwide to hear their favorite celebrities and creators speak the same language, in their unique voice, when engaging with them through video and audio, regardless of language barriers.  

Zoop provides easy-to-use tools and a platform to connect celebrities with their fans and monetize their personal brands. Zoop partners directly with creators and celebrities to design custom digital collectables, such as trading cards that come to life as animated avatars.

“We’re thrilled to announce this groundbreaking partnership with Zoop, combining the world of digital collectables with the power of synthetic media, said Sabin Dima, CEO at, in a statement. “With our technology, we can recreate the voices of our cherished celebrities and creators, providing each fan with a distinctive, interactive encounter in their preferred language. By teaming up with Zoop, who offer fans authentic connections and access to celebrities, we can unlock an unprecedented level of engagement and personalization to fan-based relationships, bringing fans closer to their favorites than ever before.” 

Fans can engage with exclusive content, rewards and features, connect with like-minded communities, and take part in experiences (both digital and in real life).

“At Zoop, we’re taking the bond between celebrities and their fans to a whole new level while creating opportunities for celebrities and creators to capitalize,” said RJ Phillips, co-founder and CEO of Zoop, in a statement. “By removing barriers that have hindered cross-border relationships between fan and creator, such as language, we’re empowering fans to have genuine, direct relationships and join communities with the personalities they admire the most. Our partnership with ensures that ‘global stars’ become truly global and makes connecting with your favorite celebrity or creator not only more accessible but also more personal than ever before.”

Zoop said it homes to enable celebrities and creators to reach a more significant number of fans in a shorter amount of time. Through the power of generative AI technology and the Hedera blockchain, and Zoop want to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, inviting fans and creators to connect in the white space between the traditional web and Web3.

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